The coats of arms of Australian states and territories

Here are some large images of the coat of arms of Australia and those of each state and territory. I had trouble finding high resolution versions of them on the Internet, particularly the state and territory coats of arms. So I’ve uploaded these to correct matters.

If you are a cub or scout in Australia you need to understand the composition of your state’s coats of arms. Not easy when the only printable resources are tiny – even from government websites.

Kim’s Game – Coat of Arms

When you examine a coat of arms it’s remarkable how many symbols it contains. It’s a bit of a dry subject for scouting, but they do make a surprisingly good Kim’s game. Just download and print any of the PDFs below and you are all set to go. There is one for each state and territory. Give one to your cubs or scouts and let them have a minute to study it. Then allow them a few minutes to recall as many symbols as they can. If you remind them that every symbol and even colour on a coat of arms is somehow representative of its state or territory it will help jog their memory.

Of course times change, and in some instances symbols on a coat of arms become historic representations. As a variation you can play part one of the game, but instead of getting them to recall what they remember do a true or false by calling out actual symbols as well as symbols that might be on the coat of arms if it were redesigned today. It’s amazing what the powers of suggestion can achieve. All the cubs will be convinced the colours of the wreath are the same as the local football team and that a Holden lion was in there somewhere.

Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Norfolk Island
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia